A little taste of history

Our Liquors are produced in a factory in Campania Regions in southern Italy near Salerno with 80 years of experience in producing Limoncello and Lemon Liquor products. The factory stands in a lovely hamlet right in the heart of the Cilento National Park and dates back to the year 1000.

Cilento is an area rich in history and art with ancient towns such as Paestum and Velia and is surrounded by the deep blue Mediterranean and resorts such as Palinuro. It is famous for its highly prized lemons growing in an ideal climate. Dolce Cilento utilizes this natural wealth by growing and harvesting choice lemons, following a very old, matchless tradition. All the plantations are checked by an expert agronomist to eliminate any residual fungicide.

The firm directly cultivates the fruits that are used in the production of our liquors to ensure that the process is organic and free of chemical products. The cultivation process is also controlled by professional Agronomists to guarantee the total absence of any chemical products.

In order to preserve the freshness and the flavours, all the fruits are processed within a few hours of being harvested. They are hand peeled using special knives that allow us to use the outer part of the peel which is the richest in essential oils. This method of peeling breaks all the pores in the peel from which all the essential oils are collected into the liquor infusion. The peels are kept in the infusion with pure alcohol at 96° for one week. The infusion is then filtrated and mixed with syrup creating the final product. To maintain all the natural characteristics and flavours colours or preservatives are not added to the final product. The factory has a capacity to produce up to 1000 bottles per hour.

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