From an Organic farm in the heart of Italy to the rest of the world. Meloncello's Liquors are produced in a factory in Campania Regions in southern Italy near Salerno and Amalfi with 80 years of experience in producing Limoncello and fruit Liquor products. The factory stands in a lovely hamlet dating back to the year 1000, in the heart of the National Park of Cilento. more




From an ancient recipe the fruit liquors are cultivated in the traditional style.

Cream Liquor


The taste of cream together with the fresh flavour of fruit.

Meloncello, Limoncello and Watermeloncello are new flavours for digestive & cocktails or to prepare refreshing drinks.

Meloncello Cream, Hazelnut Cream and Pistachio Cream are ideal liquors for digestive and they are great on ice-cream and desserts.


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